Apple Consultants Network

Austin Community College is partnering with Apple to offer a free one-week Apple Consultants Network course.  The Apple Consultants network is a global community of independent technology solution providers specializing in Apple. Small and Medium businesses rely on the Apple Consultants Network to propose solutions and offer support for Apple products and the need is growing.  Students who attend the course will have the opportunity to earn employment opportunities or internships with members of the Apple Consultants Network.

We’re looking for current or former ACC CSIT students, students who have a passion for technology and an interest in a career supporting Small and Medium Business with Apple technology and who may have a networking background after completing PC Tech or Cisco certification courses.

Features of the Apple Consultants Network course include:

Necessary Skills

Necessary skills to properly support Apple technology to Small and Medium Business customers

Set up, Deploy, Manage & Support

How to set up, deploy, manage, and support Apple devices for Small and Medium businesses

Industry and Apple Cerifications

Students will earn Industry and Apple recognized certifications to help build or expand your career in IT services

Network Opportunities

Connect and network with members of the Apple Consultants Network


Opportunities for internships/mentorships with technology companies and Apple Consultant Network companies

Earning Potential

You could start earning a respectable salary immediately after hire

Ready to apply for the program?

Fill out the interest form and qualified students will be contacted for an interview. There are 24 available openings per course. If a course is full, you may be offered a seat in the next available session.

Applying to the Apple Consultants Network program at ACC does not guarantee acceptance. Admissions, employment and program policies of Austin Community College are nondiscriminatory in regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.