The APT Program

The Accelerated Programmer Training (APT) program was created with funding from a Department of Labor TAACCCT grant and was designed to speed entry into tech careers. Students have the flexibility to study and accelerate their course completion and earn credits for prior knowledge.

The program is particularly beneficial to military veterans as well as unemployed and underemployed adults who have previous technical knowledge or interest. Participants receive personalized guidance and tutoring with a student support specialist when needed. Students also receive career services support upon completion of their degree.

Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education (CBE) allows students to accelerated toward a degree or certificate. CBE focuses on content mastery, rather than semester-based completion. This means students can apply their prior learning to move through courses as fast as they are able to show mastery of content.

Ideal CBE student

The ideal CBE student is self-disciplined, able work independently, and can complete coursework online. CBE is especially beneficial to students who need a flexible schedule to earn their degree around family or work obligations.


Austin Community College has initiated rolling start dates so that, if desired, students can begin new APT courses much sooner than the traditional model of waiting for the next semester to begin.

The APT program at ACC offers CBE courses in Computer Programming, Computer User Support, Database Administration, and Web Development.

How to get started

You need to be admitted to the program to take the accelerated classes. Although you are able to view courses in the Semester schedule, the APT sections are “locked” and enrollment is handled by the Student Support Specialist of Department Chair and only for students admitted to the program.

Please follow the steps below to get enrolled and to ensure this program is right for you.

Step 1 – Admission to Austin Community College

If you are a new student, get enrolled at ACC.

All Students: Please check for any holds on your account using Student Online Services.

Step 2 – Complete the APT Intake Form

APT Intake Form. (Must have ACC student ID# provided via Step 1)

Step 3 – Complete the APT Interest Card

APT Interest Card. (Must have ACC student ID# provided via Step 1)

Step 4 – Attend a 20-30 minute interview

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3, email Mary Kohls, Department Chair, to request an interview time.

You may also call her directly at (512) 223.3185, or visit her at the Highland Campus.

Assuming you’re accepted into the program at this point and there are available seats, Prof. Kohls will then enroll you in the course(s).



APT Announcements


Department Chair
Mary Kohls
(512) 223-3185

Linda Smarzik
(512) 223-9214

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