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Whether you’re interested in Culinary Arts or Pastry Arts,  you are about to embark on a culinary journey that will prepare you for a competitive job market. You will find we offer a well‐rounded, comprehensive education to get you industry ready. Good Luck!

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Summer/Fall 2019 Advising

Starts March 11th, 2019!

Current/former Culinary or Pastry Arts Student looking to register for Summer or Fall 2019 culinary classes will need to make a Culinary Advising appointment with one of our Culinary Advisors.

Prospective Culinary and Pastry Art Students should complete the enrollment process before making a Culinary Advising appointment.

New ACC Students wanting to take Culinary and Pastry classes will need to meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure your major is up-to-date. We will not advise Non-Culinary/Pastry students for our classes as spaces are limited. When you’re ready for Culinary Advising, please make a Culinary Advising appointment.

ALL STUDENTS should arrive on time and prepared with a completed Student Petition and valid Food Handler Certificate. If you already have a Food Handlers Certificate on file, ensure that it is valid. If you do not have a Food Handlers Certificate or if it is invalid, you will not be allowed to participate in labs.


Summer 2019 Registration Dates
Current/Former Students – April 1st 
New ACC Students – April 15th

Fall 2019 Registration Dates
Current/Former Students – May 13th 
New ACC Students – May 28th

Summer 2019 Tuition Deadlines
Due by 5:00pm

April 1st  –  May 8th = May 8th
May 9th  –  May 15th = May 15th
May 16th  –  May 22nd = May 22nd
May 24th  –  May 29th = May 29th

Fall 2019 Tuition Deadlines
Due by 5:00pm

May 13th – August 7th = August 7th
August 8th – August 14th = August 14th
August 15th – August 21st = August 21st
August 22 – August 27th = August 27th



Culinary Arts Fall Orientation Session

New Culinary and Pastry students (and Hospitality students registering for CHEF 1301 Basic Food Preparation) are required to attend the Culinary Arts Orientation. You will learn about uniformtools, Code of Conduct, and helpful academic resources.


Thursday, July 11th 

12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Eastview Campus, Building 3000, Room 3158

Our Culinary and Pastry Arts Club is Official!

Our Culinary and Pastry Arts Club has been recognized as an official ACC Student Life Organization! We are working on planning our first event.  Visit https://austincc.campuslabs.com/engage/ to learn more about student organizations and events.

Where can you find a place to meet your fellow culinary/pastry arts students, network, learn about volunteer opportunities and participate in fun, educational activities? Come check out our new ACC Culinary/Pastry Arts Club! We are geared to students/alumni of the ACC Culinary & Pastry Arts Programs, but any ACC Students with an interest in culinary/pastry arts are welcome to join us.

For more information about the Culinary Club, contact Chef Matthew Melton matthew.melton@austincc.edu or Denise Basore denise.basore@g.austincc.edu.