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Specific uniforms and tools are required for Culinary Arts students at ACC. As a student of the Culinary Arts program, you are required to wear a uniform for culinary laboratories and classes associated with those labs. The faculty of the program expect a dress code consistent with industry standards.

Culinary students have options when purchasing their uniforms and tools:

ACC Highland Bookstore – Uniforms & Tool Kits
Mission Restaurant Supply – Tools Kits (Must be purchased in-store.)

Uniforms and tools should be purchased in advance to be ready for first day of classes.



The approved Culinary Arts uniform consists of the following:


● White Embroidered Long-Sleeve White Chef Jacket
● Black & White Checked Pattern Chef Pants
● White Double-Sided Long Apron
● White Skull Cap or Chef’s Hat
● Black Non-Skid Shoes (Non-Canvas)
● White Bar Towels (Set of 2)


chef's knife & steel (Small)

Culinary Tool Kit:


● 3½” Paring Knife
● 6” Boning Knife, Flexible Blade
● 9″ Chef’s Knife
● 10″ Scalloped Slicer
● 10″ “Double Sharp” Steel
● Knife Guards
● 4 Pc. Measuring Cup Set
● 4 Pc. Measuring Spoon Set
● Waiter’s Knife
● Peeler
● Microplane Zester
● Pocket Thermometer
● Classic Knife Cuts Ruler
● Fish Turner
● 10 Pc. Knife Roll with Zipper

Rolling Pin

Pastry Tool Kit:


● 3½” Paring Knife
● 9″ Cook’s Knife
● 12″ Scalloped Slicer
● Knife Guards
● 4 Pc. Measuring Cup Set
● 4 Pc. Measuring Spoon Set
● Peeler
● Microplane Zester
● Bowl Scraper
● Bench Scraper
● Decorating Cake Comb
● 2½” Pastry Wheel Cutter
● 3½” Offset Spatula
● 8″ Offset Spatula
● 9″ Straight Spatula
● Star Piping Tube Set
● Round Piping Tube Set
● Knife Roll/Bag/Toolbox

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