Faculty: Questions & Answers

Do I have to take attendance for the high school?

As an ACC faculty, you are not required to do so. The school may devise a way to take attendance before or after class.

Do I have to report progress grades to the high school?

Without student consent this would be a FERPA violation. Schools receive grades from the Dual Credit office at the end of the semester for students who have consented.

What do I do if I don't have what I need in the classroom (supplies, media equipment, desks, etc)?

Start with your campus contact and if needed also contact your DC Specialist.

Who do I talk to if I feel a student needs to withdraw from the course?

Begin with the student and follow up with your DC Specialist to ensure appropriate withdrawal procedures and deadlines are met.

What if a student is in my class but not on my roster?

Notify your DC Specialist immediately so he/she can work with the school counselor to resolve the issue promptly.

Do I need to let anybody know if a student who is on my roster has not been coming to class or never showed?

It would be very helpful to share that with your DC Specialist so they can assist students with appropriate withdrawal procedures.

How do I work with parents or can I?

With a student’s written consent or accompanied by the student, you may include a parent in your conversation with a student. These situations can be difficult so you can always cite FERPA.

Who do I contact if I'm not able to conduct class?

Please contact the Dual Credit office at 512-223-7355 to let us know. We will be happy to pass the information along to your high school. You can also contact them directly with their contact information listed on your faculty memo.

What happens if a class day falls on a high school holiday or staff development day? Does this mean class will be cancelled for that day?

All Dual Credit classes correspond with ACC’s Academic Calendar. If a Dual Credit class at a high school falls on one of their holidays, high school administration is responsible for having the building open. Please contact the DC Specialist for the high school and we’ll contact them immediately.

The classroom I use never has any white-board markers, do I have to buy them myself?

No, please contact the DC Specialist for your high school and we can make arrangements to have them available for you.

Where can I pick up my ACC mail?

The Dual Credit office will forward all mail that comes addressed to you to your ACC campus. If you do not have a campus mailbox, mail will be sent to your home address as listed in our system. If you would like us to redirect it elsewhere, please let us know.

What makes a student eligible for Dual Credit?

All Dual Credit students must be completed with their sophomore year of high school. They must meet the same TSI requirements as traditional students.

The high school counselor has asked me to take attendance each day, am I required to do so?

No, ACC faculty are not required to take attendance regardless of where they teach. A high school may send a high school representative to take attendance each day. However, you are not obligated to take attendance.

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