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How much do Dual Credit classes cost?

Tuition & fees are waived for Dual Credit students who enroll in an ACC core curriculum course, workforce course required for an ACC workforce certificate or degree, and foreign language courses and who reside in the ACC taxing district that includes: Austin, Del Valle, Elgin, Hays, Leander, Manor, and Round Rock school districts, and those portions of the Pflugerville and Eanes school districts that pay property taxes to the City of Austin.

Dual Credit students will be limited to a total of 12 ACC course tuition/fee waivers. Any course taken once the 12 course limit is reached or not eligible for the Dual Credit tuition & fees waiver will be assessed regular tuition and fees based on the student’s residency coding per the Admissions & Records Office.

Course(s) dropped after the Add/Drop period for that session will count toward the 12 course tuition/fee waivers.

Dual Credit students residing outside the ACC taxing district but within the ACC service area are charged a per-course fee of $150 for courses taken at ACC campuses or through Distance Learning for courses that are Dual Credit tuition & fees waiver eligible.

Dual Credit students residing outside of the ACC Service Area will be assessed regular tuiton & fees based on the student’s residency coding per the Admissions & Records Office.

Books, additional class supplies, and parking fees are not waived and are the responsibility of the student and can average $100 per course.

I want to start classes as soon as possible. When should I apply?

You should complete the Dual Credit co-enrollment process after you have completed your 8th grade year and are a “rising” 9th grader in order to attend classes during the summer semester you become eligible. Students are advised to complete Austin Community College’s co-enrollment process no later than mid-April in order to have the best selection of summer classes.

When are classes offered?

You can take Austin Community College classes after school, on weekends, and over the summer. Some high schools also offer ACC classes during the school day that are restricted just for their Dual Credit students.

What classes are offered for Dual-Credit?

Each school district determines what college credit courses they will use as dual credit and how they will satisfy high school graduation requirements. It is important to check with your school district for the most current list of approved courses.

How many Dual Credit classes can I take?

Effective for the Spring 2016 semester, dual credit students are no longer restricted to two college courses per semester. While this means a student could take three or four classes and is a great opportunity, please remember that college classes are rigorous and require considerably more work than a typical high school course. Please keep in mind that student success is paramount, that Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Academic Standards of Progress are applicable, and that students still only receive 12 course attempts/waivers.

Are certain courses off-limits?

You may take any college credit course for which you meet the course prerequisites and required college readiness skills, and have listed the course on the Dual Credit Co-enrollment form. You must list the course on your ACC Dual Credit Co-Enrollment form that must be submitted each semester before registering.

I want to attend classes at ACC. How do I choose a campus?

You can attend classes at any ACC campus or Center. Students often select a campus based on convenience, size, or location. Each campus offers the range of academic transfer courses, but workforce programs vary by location.

Can I take a course online?

ACC’s Distance Learning program offers a great deal of courses; many of them via the Internet. Early College Start students may take Distance Learning courses, but it is important to understand that these courses maintain the same high standards as a classroom course and require significant self-discipline in order to complete them successfully.

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How many classes can I miss?

Dual Credit students are expected to adhere to the same policies as traditional college students. As such, a student at ACC is expected to attend classes in order to progress satisfactorily toward completion of the course. Because objectives can vary from department to department and from course to course, the instructor shall inform the student of specific course attendance expectations at the first class meeting (typically found in the course syllabus).

I am trying to register, but it won't let me... Why?

There may be several reasons that you are not able to register. Please contact the Dual Credit office so that we can help you determine the appropriate course of action.

Will ACC email or call me to verify that I am enrolled in a class?

No, you will not receive an email or phone call to verify that you have enrolled. You will need to check your schedule via Online Services to confirm the classes for which you have

What can I do if the class that I want to register for is full?

Have a back-up plan!

Many of the Dual Credit class on high school campuses fill quickly, so it is important to have a back-up plan. Discuss options for alternate courses with your counselor or make sure that you have several options for times and locations of the class you want.

Remember: you can take classes at any ACC campus or center.

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