Suggestions for a Successful Year

Be a Smartie

  • Attend an “Dual Credit for Smarties” training to get the most up-to-date information
  • Ensure that you understand and are able to explain the Dual Credit process to others
  • Work closely with your Dual Credit Specialist

Spread the Word

  • Host a Parent/Student information session
  • Mail out postcards and flyers in advance
  • Use your campus media to send out emails and announcements
  • Post information in the community

Keep it Short

  • Make sure that your information sessions are no longer than 30 minutes (20 for information and 10 for Q&A)
  • Set aside time for one-on-one questions and application assistance

Use your Resources

  • Use your sign-in sheet from the Info Session to identify who you need to start working with
  • Print PSAT and/or Plan scores for the students on the list
  • Filter out the students who are exempt based on their qualifying test scores

Keep it all Together

  • You worked hard to get students to complete the Application, Pre-Assessment Activity (if necessary), and you have printed qualifying test scores, so start a folder for students to keep all their information organized and in one place

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