What is Dual Credit?

How It Works

The Dual Credit program allows eligible high school students residing in the ACC Community College District service area to enroll in college level classes.

Students can earn college credit by taking ACC classes at their high schools, at any ACC campus, or other ACC location. Distance Learning courses also are available. In addition to college credit, students may earn credit toward their high school graduation requirements by completing dual credit courses.


High school students may co-enroll in Austin Community College once they have:

  • Successfully completed middle school in either a public school, private school, charter school, or home school.
  • Received permission from their parent/guardian and high school counselor and principal
  • Passed the appropriate sections of the state approved college readiness assessment (TSI) test administered by ACC or submitted acceptable exemption scores on the ACT, PLAN, SAT, or PSAT test.

Dual Credit Course Options

  1. Dual Credit
    1. Dual credit is earned when students complete college credit courses with acceptable grades, the approval of their high school, and then use these college credit courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements.
    2. Each school district determines what college credit courses they will accept as dual credit and how they will satisfy high school graduation requirements. It is important to check with your school district for the most current list of approved dual credit courses.
  2. Co-enrollment
    1. A student may enroll in a college credit course and receive only the college credit for that course. Students may take any ACC course for which they meet the academic skills requirements and course pre-requisites. An ACC advisor can help you determine if you meet the requirements for a specific course.

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