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Alberto Quinonez, Ph.D

Department Chair/Faculty
Phone 512.223.6407

Riverside Campus, Office: S107
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Jesus Casas photoJesus Casas

Assistant Chair/Faculty
Phone 512.223.0180

Round Rock Campus, Office: 2232.18
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DSC00079 Kurt Nalty

Faculty (Retired – Spring 2017)
Phone 512.223..6268

Riverside Campus, Office: S120
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rcarrasco2Rosa Carrasco

Phone 512.223.6271

Riverside Campus, Office: S106



Linton Brooks

Faculty (Retired – Fall 2017)
Phone 512.223.6224

Riverside Campus, Office: S107




Meet Paul English

The Electronics & Advanced Technologies department offers five scholarships per year to our department students.

Meet our 2012 AMD/Gary Heerseen Scholarship Recipient

Paul English

I am a 2014 Graduate of the Electronics Technology Technician program at ACC. I began approximately 2 years ago. I am a full time musician and wanted to make sure I had the skills and training to go into a different field, should my job as a musician come to an end. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to pursue electronics until recently, even though all the signs pointing me in that direction have been there most of my adult life. I realized that I was interested in HOW musical electronics devices worked as I was interested in actually using them. I became determined to know as much as I could about electronics, and the course at ACC seemed my best route.

Now that I have finished, I’m very glad, and I feel that I have come very far in my understanding of electronics. I enjoyed (most!) of my classes, and I feel that faculty and staff were all very helpful and supportive and encouraging. I am also glad that Vidal Almanza let me know about the scholarship opportunities. I was fortunate to receive both the AMD/Gary Heerssen scholarship and SEMI/Frank Squires scholarships twice, and these covered all of my tuition and expenses for the Fall and Spring of two years.

This was an enormous help, since my income as a musician is somewhat variable, and sometimes are more lucrative than others. It was a great relief to at least have my scholastic money needs covered. I’m sure that allowed me to do as well as I did, because I was able to focus on my studies and not my finances. It was also a personal honor and strengthened my resolve to finish.

I want to thank Dr. Quinonez, Vidal Almanza, Cecilia Galliano, and all of the faculty and staff at ACC. I encourage any student in the electronics program to apply for the AMD/Gary Heerssen Scholarship and SEMI/Frank Squires Scholarship. It’s both an honor and privilege to receive them

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