Nanoelectronics Manufacturing Technology

Graduates are qualified to work as entry-level technicians or operators in semiconductor and nanoelectronic manufacturing. These workers process silicon wafers into computer chips in clean-room plants, in addition to recording quality control data and repairing equipment. Some semiconductor processes are now being used to make cutting-edge thin film solar panels.

Degrees Offered

Nanoelectronics Manufacturing Technology Specialization – Associate of Applied Science Degree
Nanoelectronics Manufacturing Technology Specialization Level 2 – Certificate
Nanoelectronics Technology Level I – Certificate
Nanoelectronics Technology – Occupational Skills Award

Course Information

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Samsung Award Winners!

The Electronics & Advanced Technologies department together with Samsung created an apprenticeship program in 2012. Visit the Internship link to read about the requirements and check the 2013-2014 award winners.