The IDEAL Center is the nexus for members of the community seeking college connections, collaborative opportunities, tools, strategies, and information to support systemic change for equitable outcomes.


We exist to engage and empower diverse communities to transform systems for equity from the inside out.

The  IDEAL Center engages and collaborates with the community and the college through monthly and annual professional development and relationship-building events to promote the peaceful and constructive transformation of systems to improve outcomes for disproportionately affected populations by:

  1. Providing respectful spaces and tools to learn how to talk about race and other human differences
  2. Collaborating with disproportionately affected populations and empowering them with skills for self-efficacy and self-advocacy
  3. Supporting sustained leadership development
  4. Promoting use of evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, for decision-making
  5. *Countering stereotypes and exploring contradictions
  6. Leveraging college and community resources for assessment and education
  7. **Learning from history to support a better future
  8. Sharing multiple cultural perspectives