Personal & Professional Development Courses

Take in-depth English classes to gain skills to succeed in college and your career. Prerequisites may apply. Speak to an advisor for additional information.

Additional ESOL Classes for Personal & Professional Development
Course Title Description Credit Course ID Continuing Education Course ID
Intensive Grammar for Speakers of Other Languages Accelerated English grammar course covers challenges for speakers of other languages. ESOL 0393 COMX 3093
Business Communications for Non-Native Speakers Practice English in an ‘office’ setting. Conduct meetings, take minutes, and write informational papers, with a focus on business grammar and vocabulary. ESOL 0392 COMX 3092
Research Writing for College and the Workplace for ESOL Students Areas of focus include using the library, conducting research on the Internet, taking notes, and writing academic or technical papers with documentation. ESOL 0391 COMX 3091
American English Pronunciation: Beginning Learn strategies to make your message clear to listeners and how to pronounce difficult English sounds. Not Available COMX 3050
American English Pronunciation: Advanced Advanced strategies to make your message clear to listeners and English pronunciation. ESOL 0351 COMX 3051

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