The Office of Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Office encourages and supports the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills by coordinating and providing the highest quality professional development opportunities for faculty. We were originally a part of a general Professional Development Department, but as a part of the reorganization in July 2012, our office was established so that we could devote our full focus to Faculty Development Opportunities. The Faculty Development Office is housed under the Vice President of Instruction. The mission of the office is to foster, coordinate and communicate development opportunities for Faculty at Austin Community College.


Annual projects include:

  • Overseeing the ACC Leadership Academy
  • Producing Spring Development Day and General Assembly
  • Managing and promoting the
  • Leadership Awards
  • Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Minnie L Stevens Piper Award Nominations
  • The John and Suanne Excellence Roueche Awards
  • NISOD Excellence Awards
  • The Celebration of Great Teaching Retreat
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • The Sabbatical Program
  • Coordinating Workshops for Faculty
  • Promotion of Opportunities and Resources for Staff