Sabbatical leave is a privilege that is intended to benefit both the college and the employee. The President may grant this leave to staffing table employees.

Leave may be granted for the purpose of personal and/or professional improvement, which will in turn benefit the college, through activities such as formal and informal study, acquisition of new skills, or keeping abreast of new technologies, research, and community service.

Sabbatical Applications for Sabbatical leave* to be taken in FY16 are due on November 14, 2014 in the Faculty Development Office, c/o Christina Michura.

*Sabbatical leave is taken in the Fiscal year after application year. That is, if a Sabbatical leave application is requested in November of FY 15, it is for leave which will occur in FY 16.

For questions about Sabbatical leave, contact Christina Michura at

Source: Administrative Rule 4.05.001 Sabbatical Leave

Guidelines/Procedures for AR 4.05.001 Sabbatical Leave:

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Sabbatical Forms For Faculty and Staff

Sabbatical Leave Application Checklist

Sabbatical Application Submission & Timeline

Sabbatical Leave Application

This Year’s Sabbatical Recipients (FY15)

Amber Kelley
Dean, Student Services, Cypress Creek Campus

Charles Miles
Associate Professor of Government


 Jennifer Beck
Associate Professor of Psychology
Kazel Morgan
Professor of English
 Roy Casagranda
Associate Professor of Government

To see previous sabbatical recipients