Leadership Awards 8704921787_d67b0a2dd1_z

Leadership Award nominations deadline is November 14, 2014. Award winners will be announced in January and recognized at the Awards Dinner in April 2015. An employee may be nominated for the following based on their job classification.

  • Classified Employee of the Year Award
  • Professional-Technical Employee of the Year Award
  • Administrator of the Year Award


Nominees for Classified Employee, Professional-Technical Employee, and Administrator of the Year awards should be those individuals who have gone above and beyond the duties listed in their job descriptions.  They may:

  • Serve as mentors to their colleagues or staff members
  • Provide assistance beyond their normal duties to aid their department or the institution as a whole
  • Volunteer to help with institution-wide projects
  • Encourage their staff or colleagues to enhance their education and/or their professional skills
  • Provide superior internal and external customer service
  • Support  the institution in a positive and optimistic manner
  • Represent the institution in a professional manner
  • Consistently seek improvement of their own skills

If you do not know someone’s classification, go to the directory and click on their name. Their classification will be listed under their job title.




Award winners will be honored at a reception and will receive the following:

  • A letter of thanks/congratulations from the President/CEO
  • Recognition at a Board of Trustees meeting
  • Recognition at Awards Dinner in April
  • A reserved parking space for one year at their campus

President’s Leadership Excellence Award

The recipient of this award is selected by the President/CEO for their outstanding leadership, service and dedication to Austin Community College. These individuals have been selected because of their outstanding service to the college  that has gone beyond the duties listed in their job description.