Past Roueche Winners

2017 John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award Winners

  • Linda Smarzik, Dean, Computer Studies and Advanced Technology
  • Kelle Howard, Professor, Associate, Nursing
  • Neil Vickers, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Robert H. Blodgett, Professor, Geology
  • Mario Aguilar, Adjunct, Professor, Paralegal, Management, Real Estate
  • Stacey Thompson Stover, Professor, English, Developmental Writing

2016 John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award Winners

  • Administrator of the Year:  Yolanda Chapa, Professor, Government
  • President’s Leadership Excellence Award: Virginia M. Fraire, Vice President, Student Services
  • Teaching Excellence Full-time Faculty Award: Frank Cronin, Professor, Developmental Writing
  • Teaching Excellence Adjunct Faculty Award: Sean Perry, Associate Professor, Photography
  • ACC Piper Professor Nominee: David M. Lauderback, Professor, History


  • Administrator of the Year:  Gaye Lynn Scott, Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • President’s Leadership Excellence Award: Pamela W. Sutton, Senior Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
  • Teaching Excellence Full-time Faculty Award: Patty Collier, Professor, Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Teaching Excellence Adjunct Faculty Award: Rodney E. Rohde, Adjunct Professor, Biology
  • ACC Piper Professor Nominee: Missi Patterson, Professor, Psychology


  • Administrator of the Year:  Hazel Ward, Dean, Communications
  • President’s Leadership Excellence Award:
         Michael Midgley, Vice President of Instruction
         Kathleen Christensen, Vice President, Student Services
  • Teaching Excellence Full-time Faculty Award:  Laura Juárez de Ku, Biology Professor
  • Teaching Excellence Adjunct Faculty Award:  Tiff Holland, Adjunct English Professor
  • ACC Piper Professor Nominee: Gale Spear, Professor, Child Care and Development


  • Dr. Eileen Klein, Executive Dean, Health Sciences
  • Dr. Jennifer Beck, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • David Lauderback, Professor of History
  • Dr. Enrique Solis, Interim Executive Vice President & Provost