By | January 14, 2021
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Dear Faculty Colleagues,

This is a short and sweet one at the end of the semester to announce the next Senate meeting and call for agenda items, a correction to the department affiliation of one of the NISOD winners announced here last week, and a call to vote in the Special Election to fill several vacant senate seats.

Wow, that a semester. While it’s not been easy, we and our students got the job done. Let us thank ACC leadership’s compassionate and courageous commitment to faculty, staff, and student safety and success. And, a shout out to all staff members who kept the wheels turning, reached out to, advised, and counseled students, and to all those who provided valuable services to our students in selfless and innovative ways. And, a special shout out to our adjunct colleagues, who serve the same students and confront the same challenges we do. If it takes a village to raise a child, then we might say it takes an ACC to educate a community.

Congratulations to all!

Well, we have a vaccine, a new president and a new vice-president, and the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is getting closer and brighter. Of course, despite the epic roll out of the vaccine, our scientists and medical professionals continue to predict the worst is still to come as we hold on during the post-holiday surge and wait for the vaccine and herd community to take hold. So don’t let down your guard just yet.

Here’s to a great winter recess. Take some time to rest, relax, and restore. Hope you get to spend some time with loved ones—masked and distanced.

Good riddance, 2020!

2021, bring it on!

We’re ready (or will be after a few weeks rest).

Happy Holidays!


Senate Meetings / Minutes / Agendas

1/22/21 Senate Meeting, noon – 1:30 pm – This is the first call for agenda items for our next monthly Senate meeting. Please send items for consideration to me at or to your campus senator by Friday, January 15th. Find details on how to join this meeting online on the Senate Calendar. You can also add the event (and online joining details) to your own calendar by clicking on the 1/22/21 Senate Meeting link above.


Full-Time Faculty Award Winners [Correction]: When reporting all the full-time faculty winners, we included the wrong department for Kimberly McDougall.  Kimberly is in the Dental Hygiene department.

  • Kimberly McDougall, Dental Hygiene, NISOD Excellence – Full-time

My apologies to Kimberly for the error. And, once again, congratulations to our full-time colleagues!

New Action Items [please check due dates below!]

FTFS Special Election [due F 1/15]: We’ve completed the nomination cycle of the special election to fill empty senator seats resulting from resignations or left open for a lack of candidates when we elected the current Senate. We have 3 candidates nominated for 5 openings, all at-large. So, why hold a vote? Our bylaws have no provision for merely appointing unopposed candidates. So, we’re calling a vote with two choices:  Yes or Abstain.

The candidates are:

  • Jack O’Grady, Science, Engineering, and Math
  • Heather Syrett, Liberal Arts, Social, and Behavioral Sciences
  • Laura Dickson, Health Sciences

To vote, go to

The deadline is 5PM on Friday January 15, 2021. Note:  We normally give at least a week for a vote, but since we go off contract tomorrow after grades are submitted, we wanted to give you the first week when we’re back on contract in 2021.

My thanks to the candidates!