October 28 Valencia Visit Report


A team of faculty, staff, and administrators visited Valencia College in Orlando, Florida on October 28, 2016.  The purpose was to look at their faculty development process.

The team included:

  • Charles Cook, Provost
  • Mike Midlgey, Vice President of Instruction
  • Missy Patterson, Faculty Development Dean
  • Courtney Grams, Coordinator – Faculty Engagement
  • Christina Michura, Manager – Faculty Development
  • Gale Spear, Faculty – Child Care and Development
  • Juan Molina, Faculty – Mathematics Department
  • Erica Breedlove, Manager – Employment and Outreach Services
  • Vanessa Faz, Vice President – Adjunct Faculty Association
  • Jacqueline Childress, Adjunct Faculty – Business and Technical Communications
  • Teresa Moore, Manager – Instructional Design

The team spent the day at one of Valencia’s campuses discussing their faculty development program.

Essential Competencies

Faculty development at Valencia College as it is structured today, was funded with a title V grant.  A set of competencies for faculty were developed back in the 1990’s and cemented in 2000.  All initiatives and programs are connected and guided by this set of competencies.  The focus in the last 10 years has been on scale.  The competencies and current research on education have helped with the structure of the faculty development “center” and as a compass for future projects.

A Few Facts About Valencia

Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation

  • Similar to our IDS Media centers in structure, but more comprehensive.

Proposals and Plans


Title V Grant

  • Emphasis on increasing transfer rates for students moving to UCF (University of Central Florida)
  • Pathways

Other Documents