Officers & Senators

Full-time Faculty Senate 2019- 2020 


Dr. Missi Patterson Photo

Dr. Missi Patterson – Professor, Psychology

HLC 4.2310.30 / Phone: (512) 223-7043 /

Meet the Senate President – September 2019


Dr Butler PhotoDr. Wayne Butler – Professor, Business, Government & Technical Communication

NRG 4224 / Phone: (512) 223-4029 /

Past President: 

Yam Tolan

William (Yam Tolan) – Professor, Art

HLC 4.2310.29 / (512) 223-7074 /



Jordan Hagan –  Assistant Professor, Library Services

HYS 1305.05 / (512) 223-1587 / 


Samantha Croft – Professor, Biology

RRC 3333 / (512) 223-0319 /


Beth Frye – Professor, Integrated Reading and Writing

SAC 1134 / (512) 223-9129 /

Communications Officer:

Eva Thomsen – Associate Professor, General Studies & Student Development

HLC 1424.03 / (512) 223-7254 /

Senators by Campus:

CYP Linda Clement
CYP Kelly Stockstad
CYP Eva Thomsen
EGN Emily Olson
EGN Position Open
EVC Patty Collier
EVC Yolanda Hall
EVC Ann Palmer
HLC Blanca Alvarado
HLC Sharon Goh
HLC Caryn Newburger
HLC Missi Patterson
HLC Larry Stephens
HLC Yam Tolan
HYS Jordan Hagan
HYS Gloria Sutton
NRG Pamela Askew
NRG Wayne Butler
NRG Carla Coleman
NRG Theresa Glenn
NRG Juan Molina
NRG Howard Sharp
RGC Jodi Oates
RGC Allan Purcell
RRC Samantha Croft
RRC Jacy Day
RRC Kate Patton
RVS David Chavez
RVS Julz Decker
RVS Irie Glajar
SAC Beth Frye
SAC Renee Kuhles
SGC Lola Cowling Watters
SGC Position Open

Senators – Alphabetical:

Blanca Alvarado HLC
Pamela Askew NRG
David Chavez RVS
Linda Clement CYP
Carla Coleman NRG
Patty Collier EVC
Lola Cowling Watters SGC
Samantha Croft RRC
Jacy Day RRC
Julz Decker RVS
Beth Frye SAC
Irie Glajar RVS
Theresa Glenn NRG
Sharon Goh HLC
Jordan Hagan HYS
Yolanda Hall EVC
Renee Kuhles SAC
Juan Molina NRG
Caryn Newburger HLC
Jodi Oates RGC
Emily Olson EGN
Ann Palmer EVC
Kate Patton RRC
Allan Purcell RGC
Howard Sharp NRG
Larry Stephens HLC
Kelly Stockstad CYP
Gloria Sutton HYS
Eva Thomsen CYP

If you are a senator, (or if you are interested in learning more about the senate and how senators serve), you can take a peek at the current FACULTY SENATE HANDBOOK.