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To inspire faculty members to continually learn and improve their craft by:

  • encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration
  • providing opportunities and resources that promote best practices in and reflection on teaching and learning
  • contributing to faculty success as an integral part of student success

A faculty-initiated community that inspires collaboration, innovation, development, and excellence in the interest of student achievement.


The core values of the FCTL that guide our decisions, actions, and behaviors in the pursuit of excellence are as follows.

Continuous Development

Student success is best achieved by supporting faculty success. We contribute to personal and professional enrichment among faculty by providing opportunities and resources for lifelong learning.


Interdisciplinary collaboration strengthens our sense of community. We promote collegiality within and across departments by organizing social and professional events open to all faculty in order to encourage quality relationships that create a climate of invitation, innovation, inspiration, and scholarship.


Evidence-based innovations in best practices for teaching and learning ensure continued success. Creating and implementing ideas internally and through external partnerships will expand the boundaries of faculty development at ACC.

Faculty Leadership

FCTL professional development initiatives are by the faculty and for the faculty. We respect and trust faculty leaders as key sources of internal expertise and core resources.


Open, responsible communication between educators promotes excellence and integrity. We invite faculty at any stage of their teaching careers to participate in guiding the dialogue on excellence in teaching and learning.


Diversity promotes creativity. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive learning environment that provides equity, access, and support for all faculty.

What We Do

ACC’s Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning – faculty guiding faculty

The FCTL is run by faculty, FOR faculty. We believe that ACC instructors should be empowered to guide their own development as educators. All of our programs connect faculty to each other so innovations and passion for teaching can spread throughout ACC.


The FCTL was created in July of 2014, and we are here to help faculty in any way we can.

The idea for the FCTL began in Spring 2012, when an ad hoc committee of faculty members began discussing their goals for faculty development at ACC. They facilitated a one day planning session on April 20, 2012 that was attended by about 30 faculty members (both full time and adjunct).

The information gathered at that event was moved forward by the Presidents of the Adjunct Faculty Association and the Full Time Faculty Senate. The major decision was to propose the creation of a center for teaching and learning for ACC.

In September of 2013, after much work by members of the ad hoc committee, a new position was created and posted, that of the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development. This position provided a full teaching release for a person who would organize and lead a Faculty Center Advisory Group. Together, the Assistant Dean and the Advisory Group were tasked with developing the new faculty center.

From January 2014 through June 2018, Missi Patterson served as the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development. This position is designed to have a variety of faculty members cycle through every few years to bring a new perspective. Michelle Fitzpatrick currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development.