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Faculty Connection Series

The goal of the three sessions of the Faculty Connection Series is to offer all faculty a stronger connection to ACC and to their students and colleagues. Each of the three workshops will focus on a different topic, and provide instructors with resources that will support their success in the classroom, and give them the opportunity to explore teaching and learning with their peers. You can register for the sessions below.

The idea for this series came as a response to requests from faculty members who asked that something like the “New Faculty seminar” be made available to all faculty.

Faculty Connection Series #1 – The Engaging Classroom: How do YOU achieve it? (Feb 9th)

In this session, faculty learned more about their college, their colleagues, and their students. With a series of interactive group activities and round table discussions, faculty members had the opportunity to explore solutions to teaching challenges. They learned about what research has to say about best practices in teaching, and how to bring those ideas to the classroom in a way that works for each individual’s personal style.

This event took place February 9th, 2018 at 8:30 AM

See the evaluation here

Faculty Connection Series #2 - Helping Your Students Achieve Success (March 23rd)

In this session, faculty were exposed to resources from ACC and beyond that support student success. We focused on colleague to colleague sharing of best practices in the classroom, and participants left with new ideas that they can easily implement.

This event took place Friday, March 23, 2018 at 8:30 AM

See the evaluation here

Due to a problem with the evaluations as they were originally printed, we had to re-print forms and transfer all comments and ratings to the new forms. An FCTL staff member did all the copying work, and this is why all of the written comments are in the same handwriting. We have retained the originals in case anyone wishes to see them.

Faculty Connection Series #3 - Learning about Teaching through Reflection (April 27th)

Friday, April 27, 2018
8:30am – 12:00pm
HBC 201

In this session, faculty discuss ACC’s evaluation process more personally; as an opportunity to reflect on the current semester with an eye toward how to make the next one even better. This interactive session gets faculty members thinking about their syllabi, teaching philosophies, and future growth as educators.

Breakfast is served; please contact the FCTL (FCTL@austincc.edu) if you have any dietary restrictions or require special accommodations.

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“I loved that we practiced the strategies as the structure of the session”

Participants report that the best part of the session was: “Hearing about techniques used by colleagues”

“One of the most relevant and helpful workshops I’ve attended at ACC”

“Fantastic! Restorative! Encouraging!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, the information was relevant and helpful.”

“Cozy – casual yet informative and collaborative.”

“Extraordinarily informative! I learned about several resources at ACC that I was not familiar with that I will refer students to in the future.”