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ACC's Faculty Repository for Knowledge

What is the ARK?
The ARK is a central repository for the sharing of knowledge between ACC faculty members. It is built on the wiki model so it is easy to edit and add new content. The format is open so you can share a wide variety of content. Feel free to sign up today to look around and share your ideas for teaching.
Who can get an account?

The ARK is open to all current Faculty. If you teach a class you can gain access, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at fctl@austincc.edu

How to get an account?

Go to our registration form, fill out the very short form, and we will create an account for you in 1-2 business days.

Guiding Mission

The ARK site will reflect the vision, mission, and values of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning and ACC overall. The contribution process is  designed to encourage broad community input and consensus development.

Behavioral Guidelines

This is a community resource that values open, responsible communication and collaboration.  Interact with others in a way that supports a culture of collegiality.

Content Guidelines

In the early phase of the ARK, we will be accepting a wide range of content. Of course, this content should be work appropriate and be of value to your colleagues. We accept all forms of media. Some examples of possibles things to upload include:

  • A favorite group activity
  • A favorite homework assignment
  • Questions for clickers or discussion
  • Wording from your syllabus that you find valuable
  • Classroom icebreakers
  • Links to videos you use in class and an explanation of discussion topics or activities you use with the videos
  • Anything else you use to support great teaching
Deletion Guidelines

The wiki framework allows for anyone to delete almost anything on the site. Though in general, you should only remove pieces you have contributed or to make small changes as needed. If some content is in flagrant violation of ACC’s policies, please contact robert.foster@austincc.edu

Editing Guidelines

Please edit with an eye for improving efficacy and depth of the resources. Though small adjustments to grammar are appreciated, we are really looking for edits to add onto the overall content of the piece. Edits should not remove opinions that one does not agree with, but could instead add other view points to increase the depth of the information.

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