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FCTL Library

Books on Loan

The FCTL believes strongly that educators can and should learn from other educators. To that end, we support a collection of books on teaching and education. The ACC Library houses the books that the FCTL purchases. These books can be sent to any ACC campus, and checked out by faculty or anyone who has a current ACC ID. You can see the current FCTL Library Collection by clicking on the button below.


The people who know best which books the FCTL should purchase are the faculty members who will use them. We therefore invite ACC faculty to nominate books to be added to the FCTL Library Collection. If you are interested in reading a book about teaching, share the title with us, and we can add it to our collection! Nominate a book by clicking on the button below.

Books to Own

In addition to building the FCTL Library Collection, we purchase books that are a part of the collection to give away as gifts to faculty members. If you attend an FCTL event, there will generally be a book raffle at the end of it! You can attend as many events as you like, and build your OWN library of great books on teaching.