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Faculty Learning Community:

Globalizing Curriculum

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a group of faculty that work together over a year who are committed to learning from each other across disciplines to improve their teaching practice. As an FLC, faculty members take an active role in shaping programming and discussions throughout the year.

The Globalizing Curriculum FLC is a collaborative effort between the University of Texas and Austin Community College. Faculty who are accepted into this group will have the chance to earn a $1250 stipend over the year of their participation. The payment of the stipend will be divided such that participants will receive $500 in December 2017 after participating in the Fall meetings, and then $750 in May 2018 after participating in Spring meetings and completing all FLC requirements. Stipend payments are contingent upon full participation in the FLC. In addition, FLC members will have the option of being given visiting scholar status at UT.

FLC members will be treated to regular talks from experts in the field of global studies. The goal of FLC is for each participant to incorporate some changes focusing on the issues of Human Rights and Globalizing Curriculum into at least one of their courses. In addition, they’ll share what they’ve learned about globalizing curricula with ACC faculty peers. Participants will create a blog post for the FCTL Faculty Forum, present a poster at a poster session for ACC faculty, and present a workshop or other event to ACC faculty.

More details here

The University of Texas Hemispheres group (http://www.utexas.edu/cola/hemispheres/) is an interdisciplinary international outreach consortium. Hemispheres’ goal is to support educators in infusing global perspectives in their classes by increasing knowledge and understanding of diverse world regions.

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL – www.austincc.edu/FCTL) at ACC is partnering with ACC’s International Programs, and UT’s Hemispheres to explore ways in which UT can support faculty development at ACC.

This FLC, limited to 10 ACC faculty, spends a year (Fall 2017 through Spring 2018) working together to learn more about global issues. The goal is for faculty to increase their global awareness to enrich the material they share with students in their courses.

Across regular meetings, ACC faculty will be introduced to experts on Human Rights and Global Issues. They’ll be given time to learn from their FLC colleagues and to develop projects that bring Human Rights and Global Issues into their classrooms. This supportive environment will give faculty the opportunity to share their passion for teaching and for ACC students with other motivated educators.

Participation is by application only. You can find the application on this page, below. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2017. We will notify all applicants of their status by mid April, and will celebrate our selected participants at a “Kick-Off Event” before leaving for the summer.

Regardless of what you teach, you CAN bring global issues into your classroom. If you’d like to learn how, and become a part of a team of ACC faculty working on this endeavor, please join us!

If you have any questions, please email FCTL@austincc.edu

Tentative Schedule

“Kick-Off Event”

Friday, April 28, 2017

4 – 6 PM on the UT campus


FLC General Meeting Dates

(all meetings will be from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the ACC HLC campus or at UT):

Fall 2017:

September 8

October 20

November 17

December 8

Spring 2018:

January 26

February 23

March 23

April 27

May 11

One additional date TBA for our poster presentation

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a tentative agenda, and dates are subject to change)

Our Mission

“Curriculum Infusion: The deliberate process of bringing a global perspective to existing curricula, as well as creating new lessons for the increasingly diverse student population. The key to this approach is the development of a curriculum that first introduces themes and concepts, reinforcing and then expanding and developing them into more advanced coursework.”

From: McRaven, Nan Marie. (2015). Critical Success Factors and the Role of the Board of Trustees in the Comprehensive Internationalization of Community Colleges: A Qualitative Case Study. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). The University of Texas, Austin.

Our Members

2017 – 2018 Members

Jill Bosché, Faculty Facilitator Michelle Crabtree, Faculty Facilitator
Rodney Rohde, Faculty Facilitator Nagham Awadallah
Jackie Burns Linda Cox
Julia Decker Amparo Garcia-Crow
Douglas Hain Lillian Huerta
John Nation Rebekah Starnes
Paul Thayer

2016 – 2017 Members

Samuel Echevarria-Cruz, Faculty Facilitator Lillian Huerta
Jill Bosché Michael Hydak
Jacqueline Childress Darla Johnson
Michelle Crabtree Matiur Rahman
Kristina Flores Aaron Reynolds
Susan Glover Allison Trahan
Sally Holl Edward “Russ” Blanchard



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