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New Faculty Seminar – Connecting With Your College, Colleagues, and Students.

In this session, new faculty are invited to learn more about their college, their colleagues, and their students. With a series of interactive group activities and round table discussions, faculty members new to ACC are given the opportunity to find key points of contact in the college and develop solutions to early challenges. They will learn from seasoned instructors and each other as they develop the ties with their colleagues that are essential to a satisfying career.

Friday, September 15th, 2017
8:30AM – 12:00PM | HBC 301.0
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New Faculty Seminar – Helping Your Students Achieve Successs.

In this session, new faculty are exposed to resources from ACC and beyond that support student success. Participants focus on colleague to colleague sharing of best practices in the classroom, and will leave with new ideas to easily implement.

Friday, October 13th, 2017
8:30AM – 12:00PM | HBC 301.0
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New Faculty Seminar – Learning From Your Experiences at ACC.

In this session, new faculty will be introduced to ACC’s evaluation and portfolio process. Resources for learning more about specific departmental and college-wide requirements will be provided. The focus will be using the evaluation process more personally; as an opportunity to reflect on the current semester with an eye toward how to make the next one even better. This interactive session will get faculty members thinking about their syllabi, teaching philosophies, and future growth as educators.

Friday, November 10, 2017
8:30AM – 12:00PM | HBC 301.0
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New Faculty Seminar Series

The New Faculty Seminar Series is a three session seminar developed by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL). The seminar is open to all new faculty, both adjunct and full time, and will cover a full range of experiences that will benefit educators of any designation. Attend as many sessions as your schedule allows. Faculty members who complete all three sessions of this series will be awarded a certificate. 

The FCTL gives away several great teaching-focused books at each event – make sure to enter your name in the drawing at the sign-in table!

Breakfast is served at these events; please contact the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (FCTL@austincc.edu) if you have dietary restrictions.

“Extremely valuable, here you get all the ‘inside’ info!”

“I have thoroughly been made to feel welcome as a new faculty member through these seminars.”

“Great organization of activities, nice mixture of listening and contributing, love the interactive nature of these workshops!”

“I believe this to be necessary to all new and even experienced staff.”

“The fun energy. The level of planning and organization was evident and made me feel like this was more than an ad hoc session. This session was so carefully planned just for us.”

“Very adult learning friendly!”

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