Milano, Italia


Course offerings include: Italian I (ITAL–1411) and Italian II (ITAL–1412).


The Italian classes at ACC include a substantial cultural component in addition to a focus on reading, writing, and oral facility. These courses require a significant amount of study time outside of class. Please contact our departmental office to learn more about our Italian classes.


Are you considering studying Italian? There are quite a few compelling reasons to do so. While it can be said that the acquisition of any foreign language will prove beneficial, Italian in particular is useful throughout the world…

In both the national and international job market, Italian can give you a decisive competitive edge in a wide range of disciplines: business, government, medicine, aviation, transportation technologies, international distribution, translation, luxury goods, agriculture, and hospitality industries.

Acquiring Italian may give you a boost in the world of academia as many graduate programs may require foreign language coursework as a requirement for admittance. A great deal of scientific and scholarly research is published in Italian each year. Students with knowledge of Italian have access to this information years before it may be translated into English; many significant works are indeed never translated.