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Lydia – ACC Board of Trustees Scholarship Recipient

Lydia – ACC Board of Trustees Scholarship Recipient

My name is Lydia and after receiving two bachelor’s degrees and working in their designated fields I found myself very unhappy. I moved in search of my true passion and started taking metal-smithing classes and learning guitar, all the while and still currently paying off my previous education. Working with my hands, forging metal and creating designs felt very natural. The absolute joy I have for jewelry making feels like it comes from a sacred place, and it is why I can sit at my bench working for twelve hours, forgetting even to eat.

I moved to Austin with the intent of working in any way possible to build my technical skills. I worked, as I continue to do, as a waitress, and took a short-term PR job with an established jewelry school, making very little in exchange for jewelry classes. I have started a business called Dragon Egg Jewelry and intend to eventually pass on my love of this craft to others through teaching. I also run a musicians’ community from my home to help artists find their strengths.

I believe communities are very important for the longevity of art and culture in society. This scholarship is making it possible for me to continue pursuing my education. The program at ACC is extremely important to my development as an artist, creator, and teacher. With your generous donation, I can now save for a future of financial independence as an artist in a world that desperately needs us. My business, Dragon Egg Jewelry is about truth, in ourselves and in nature and my motto, “True to Stone”, means wearing jewelry in its original, beautiful form. When we love and reflect our inner natures, we can then be honest about ourselves and the current state of our world.

Proceeds from every design will eventually be donated to the pursuit of change, the betterment of humanity and protection of the natural world. Because it’s not simply about me making a living or creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, it’s about changing the world, together.

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