Student Emergency Fund keeps students’ dreams alive through difficult circumstances

In 1999, Dr. Carol Nasworthy conceived the idea of a fund to help students stay in school when an unexpected emergency occurred and established the Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund. The fund provides immediate financial assistance to students who are faced with unforeseen emergencies during the semester such as unexpected medical expenses, loss of housing, car repairs, etc., that would interfere with their education at ACC and force them to withdraw from their classes. Carol passed away in May of this year, but students will benefit from her commitment to removing these barriers for many years to come.

A total of 217 students have received support from the fund since it began, 26 of those in just the last year. Of the 217 students, 64% have received a certificate, degree, or are still enrolled.

Here are two stories of students who received funds in the last year:

A student lost all of her belongings in a house fire and needed funds to buy clothes, textbooks, furniture, and other needs. She successfully completed the semester and received an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant.

A student, who supports her three children, was unable to pay rent after her roommate moved out unexpectedly and needed funds to prevent eviction. She successfully completed the semester and is currently enrolled.

These funds are deeply important to keeping students working towards their educational goals and we are thankful for the legacy Dr. Nasworthy left through the ACC Foundation Student Emergency Fund. As ACC enrollment grows more students are in need of these funds. Please consider a gift to the ACC Foundation for the Student Emergency Fund or one of our scholarship programs.

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