Our program is designed to help you understand how to succeed in these industries, which are all taught by industry professionals from many diverse companies and experiences.

Though you blamed it on allergies, you did in fact cry a little during that latest big-screen animated movie.
When things were looking grim, you and your team banded together and overcame the odds. You gained a true understand of solidarity, discipline, and dedication. And the best part about online gaming is that you never even had to leave the house!

All of these experiences were brought to you in part by Game Design, Animation, and Motion Graphics professionals, problem solvers who employ innovation, beautification, and clarification to take care of business. Using the latest digital tools, a Visual Communicator can inform, educate, entertain, and persuade.

Explore our program areas to see what side of Game Design, Animation, and Motion Graphics fits your own interests.


Serious about game play and interactive experiences? So are we! The Game Design program is developed and taught by seasoned game industry veterans who have vast experience, skills, leadership, and inside-track know-how in game design, development and publishing.​


Do you have a passion for building worlds? ACC’s Game Art program can give you the tools training and industry skills to forge a career in 3D Modeling.


Have you ever wanted to make cartoons? We can do that – and you can too. From traditional pencil and paper fundamentals to the sophisticated all-digital workflow, we teach students how to create artwork, characters, and stories and bring them to life.


Are you intrigued by the 3D character and creature animation in games, movies and commercials? Want to learn more about making a warrior jump and roll or a monster crawl on all fours? We have a program that teaches you how to prepare characters for animation and then make them come alive.


Interested in creating the slick, quirky, and mesmerizing visuals you see in commercials, live music performances, movie titles, TV shows, sports broadcasts, game UIs, and music videos? We have a program to train motion designers to succeed in the motion graphics field in a variety of industries.