Advisory Committee

Purpose of the GIS Advisory Committee
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requires Austin Community College to establish separate industry-based advisory committees for each workforce education program. The broad purposes of an advisory  committee are:

  1. to help a college document the need for a workforce education program; and
  2. to ensure that the program has both adequate resources and a  well-designed curriculum to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and  behaviors necessary to successfully meet the needs of business and industry.

The advisory committee is one of the principal means of ensuring meaningful  business and industry participation in program creation and revision.

GIS Advisory Committee Members

 Private Sector
 Public Sector
 Quanah Berkley  Dr. Nathan Currit
 Jacquelyn Bilbro  Claire DeVaughan
 Thomas Brown  Tracy Haywood
 Shawn Devereaux  Stephanie Jensen
 Devon Humphrey  Michael Ouimet
 Sumant Mallavaram  George Strebel
 Kristi Teykl  Richard Wade

Visit the GIS Advisory Committee Members page for a brief biography of each member.
GIS Advisory Committee Meetings