Welcome to the Guided Pathways Program Maps website. On this site, you can submit updates to an existing program map on the Guided Pathways Program Maps and the AoS Advising Program Maps web pages as well as request a new program map to be added.

To create a new program map please contact Georgia Branch to obtain a template.

Note: New program maps must first be approved by the Curriculum and Programs Committee before they can be added to the Area of Study program maps pages. Please review the Guidelines when developing a new program map.

After a new program map has been approved, submit the new program map via the Online Form.

To initiate a program map update, please fill out and submit the Online Form.

Note: Any changes to the AOS, program map title, degree name/type, pre-degree requirements, course information, and credit hours must be approved by the Curriculum & Programs Committee before the program map can be updated. For any questions, please contact Georgia Branch.

To view the most current version of an existing program map, please click on the Program Maps link located at the top of this page.

For questions about the program maps process, please contact:

Georgia Branch
Phone: 512.223.7091