Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Allied Health Sciences (ALHS) Department, also known as Health Professions Related Services (HPRS), is to provide the most advanced and comprehensive course offerings to health sciences students possible by employing the most qualified faculty, utilizing the most advanced technologies, and implementing the most effective teaching techniques possible. By offering the most comprehensive and pertinent gateway prerequisite and co-requisite courses, the Department is committed to preparing students for success in Health Sciences degree and certificate programs at ACC and other accredited institutions. The ALHS Department is dedicated to affordable access through traditional and distance learning courses and committed to educational excellence. To that end, every effort is continuously made to design and offer a diverse range of courses at most ACC campuses that meet student needs and facilitate student success.

The Allied Health Sciences Department makes every effort to exemplify the College’s commitment to be the preferred gateway to higher education and training and to serve as the catalyst for social equity, economic development, and personal enrichment.

Department Goals

The Department’s goal is to offer a variety of courses in allied health specialties for students who are:

  • Seeking enrollment in ACC Health Sciences programs such as Nursing, Surgical Technology, Sonography, Medical Laboratory Technology, Emergency Medical Services (Paramedicine), Physical Therapy, Pharmacy Technician, Health Information Technology, and Radiology.
  • Co-enrolled in ACC health sciences programs.
  • Transferring into health sciences programs at other institutions.
  • Exploring health sciences careers.
  • Seeking knowledge from health sciences courses.
  • Co-enrolled in public schools and either investigating health careers or planning to continue at ACC in a health sciences program.

At the completion of the courses in the Department, students will be contributing, productive and successful participants in the health sciences arena.

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Allied Health Sciences Updates

  • Student Success Course Requirement

    The department offers a Student Success for Health Professionals course, HPRS 1171. This course can be used as an option for the required Student Success course in degree plans.

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  • Orientation for Distance Learning Courses

    If registering for an HPRS distance learning course, the student will need to check the course schedule for mandatory orientation information. This will need to be completed prior to starting the course.

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