CPR Requirement Update

Since it is hard to get a new CPR certification because of social distancing restrictions, we are allowing students to apply to either the EMT or Paramedic Programs without having their CPR/BLS certification. We, as a program, are working to hold a certification class for incoming students once social distancing restrictions have eased enough for us to have the class on campus.

If you still want to get CPR certified in Austin, you have a couple of options. The following instructors are still giving training right now:

Pilar Atocha, AHA CPR Instructor
(512) 743-2480
Basic Life Support (BLS): CPR & AED for Healthcare Professionals
AHA Certificate valid for 2 years
Cost: $45 per student

Austin CPR Experts
AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider
Cost: $60 per student

—Eric Merino, Administrative Assistant, emerino@austincc.edu

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EMS Professions Updates

  • Fall 2020 Schedule Pending

    All courses for Fall 2020 are set to "pending" effective June 5, 2020 pending revision of the schedule. More information will be available soon.

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  • Application Update

    We are now full for the Summer 2020 EMT course. We are extending the application deadline for the Paramedic Program to May 23, 2020. We understand that it is difficult to complete your Immunization and CPR requirements right now. We will remain fluid with our processes and help you as much as we can to enter our programs for the Summer semester.

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  • Anatomy and Physiology I Assessment Testing Suspended for Summer and Fall 2020 Registration Only

    Due to COVID-19, and in response to ACC campuses limiting access to essential personnel only, the A&P I Assessment Test has been suspended for the remainder of this testing period and the Fall testing period. Students will not need permission to register for BIOL 2401 for Summer '20 and Fall '20 registration periods ONLY.

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