EMT Advanced/ Paramedic Post Test

Question 1

The criminal background check must be submitted at the same time as the application.

Question 2

All advanced EMSP program classes must be taken at the Eastview Campus.

Question 3

Which of the following technical standards is/are required of an EMSP student?

Question 4

Students must be successful in all courses in a semester before moving to the next semester.

Question 5

Which of the following best describes the job of the EMS Professional?

Question 6

The EMSP application can be submitted with 2 of the 3 Hepatitis B shots completed and the 3rd completed before the semester begins.

Question 7

EMSP courses can be taken in the evenings and weekends.

Question 8

All EMSP applicants must be currently certified as an EMT-Basic prior to submitting their application.

Question 9

The EMS Professions course is best described as:

Question 10

The only type of documentation that can be accepted for proof of varicella (chicken pox) is: