EMT Basic Post Test

Question 1

I cannot apply to the EMT course if I have not yet received my High School Diploma or GED, even if I have completed my high school coursework.

Question 2

The criminal background check must be submitted at the same time as the application.

Question 3

The following CPR card must be uploaded to Castle Branch as part of the application process

Question 4

The EMT class is:

Question 5

The EMT class has a mandatory clinical orientation day that the student can skip.

Question 6

I can submit my application without the CPR card as long as I show proof of enrollment in a CPR class.

Question 7

The EMSP application can be submitted with 2 of the 3 Hepatitis B shots completed and the 3rd completed before the semester begins.

Question 8

I can submit my application for EMT if I am enrolled in or have completed developmental courses without having to provide the preparedness documents listed in the slide.

Question 9

I can apply to the EMT course as long as I turn 18 by the first day of class.

Question 10

The EMT class is: