Revised PTA Application Process

Effective April 7, 2020, the following changes have been made to the PTA Program Application Process:


The PTA Program application deadline has not been pushed back. Your application packet must be received by May 10, 2020.

TEAS Test Update

Due to testing center closures, the TEAS test application requirement will be waived for the May 10, 2020 application cycle. This is a temporary exception for this year only due to the uncertainty of normal operations of the testing center due to COVID-19.

Volunteer Hours

Due to the inaccessibility of physical therapy facilities, the volunteer hours has been modified slightly. Please submit any hours you have completed as of March 17, 2020. If you do not have any, fill out a volunteer form with a statement that you were unable to do any volunteer/observation hours. Anywhere on the form will be fine. Submit this to CastleBranch.

Work Skills Assessment Forms

Everyone will submit the two forms from the instructors in your PTHA 1409 lab section. The third form from a clinician has been waived. If you were able to receive a third one from a clinician, leave it sealed and do not lose it. You will be asked for it at a later time or you will have it for the next application cycle in case you are not admitted into the program this year.

Admission Criteria

Here is the formula we will use to rank applicants for this 2020 application cycle only. As previously stated, the TEAS test has been waived for this year only.

  1.  GPA #1 = 60% (English I, Math, Introduction to A&P (or A&P 1 and 2), and Introduction to
    Physical Therapy)
  2. GPA #2 = 20% (Medical Terminology, Introduction to Psychology, Speech, Human Growth and
    Development, and Ethics [or other suitable course for substitution])
  3. Essay =15%
  4. Work Skills Assessment Forms = 5%

Bonus points will be awarded as always. See FAQ for the bonus point system.


Transcripts are still required. For this application cycle, you will need to open the envelopes and scan the transcripts. Include all the pages.

Application Form

This will also be scanned and emailed. Please send all these forms (Work Skills Assessment Forms, Transcripts, and the Application Form) in one email with the subject line: PTA Application Forms to

Please see this link for detailed instructions on how to submit your application.

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