RNSG 1412/1262 – Childbearing/Childrearing Nursing (RRC)


  • When: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 8 a.m.
  • Where: RRC Rm. 3339
  • Read the syllabi for RNSG 1412 (lecture) and 1262 (clinical) located on the Blackboard site. Be prepared to sign the signature pages for both syllabi when you arrive for orientation. We will have copies available to sign.

Class Schedule

  • When: Tuesdays, 8 a.m. – 12 noon (Refer to the course calendar weekly for additional scheduled labs or class time extension.)
  • Where: RRC Rm. 3339
  • Calendar: Level 3 RNSG 1412/1262 RRC (PDF)

Required Texts

  • McKinney, E. S., James, S. R., Murray, S. S., Nelson, K., A., Ashwell, J., W. (2018). Maternal-Child Nursing (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Saunders.
  • Zerwekh, J. & Garmeau, A.Z. (2015) Nursing Today, Transition and Trends (8th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier/Saunders.
  • EHR Tutor: https://my.ehrtutor.com
  • All students must purchase EHR for use in class, lab, and simulations.

Skills Labs

  • When: See the calendar for dates of Pediatric and Obstetric labs and simulations.


  • When: Check the calendar for specific exam dates.
  • Where: RRC Nursing Computer Lab
  • There will be four semester tests and a comprehensive final exam. There will be a HESI Specialty Exam which is a mandatory course requirement.

Dosage Calculation Exam

  • When and where: See calendar.
  • All students must take a dosage and calculation exam. Students must successfully pass this exam with a score of 90% or higher to administer medications in the clinical setting and to continue in any Level 3 course. You have 3 opportunities to demonstrate proficiency on the dosage and calculations exam.

Level Mastery Skills Check-off

  • When: See calendar.
  • Where: RRC Nursing Skills Lab (See board outside of lab for assigned holding room.)
  • What to bring: Lab kits with skills equipment, scrubs (does not have to be ADN), and closed-toe shoes.
  • There will be a comprehensive Mastery Skills Check-off over previously learned skills to include a sterile procedure, medication administration and documentation.
  • Any of the following may be included for mastery: medical administration, catheterization (Foley), intravenous medications, tracheostomy care and suctioning, phlebotomy from Central Line, Central Line dressing change, cap change, and sterile dressing change.
  • Each student will receive a patient scenario and complete the skills performance within 30 minutes, including documentation.
  • Each student must successfully complete the Mastery Skills Check-off to continue in any Level 3 course.

Clinical Schedule

  • When and where: See Blackboard.
  • Clinical experience consists of two 5-week rotations divided into a pediatric and an obstetric rotation. Students who are simultaneously enrolled in the Mental Health course will have three 5-week rotations. Changes to clinical rotation placement are not allowed. Each clinical rotation has a separate orientation component.

Clinical Preparation

  • If you have questions regarding Pedi clinical, contact Professor Jacy Day, RNC-NIC, MSN at jacy.day@austincc.edu.
  • If you have questions regarding OB clinical, contact Professor Sarai Czap RN, MSN at sarai.czap@austincc.edu.

Pediatric Rotation

  • When: Pediatric clinical days consist of 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. See clinical rotation schedule on Blackboard for specific information and additional simulation clinical times.
  • Where: Dell Children’s Medical Center, school nursing at various locations, home health nursing at various locations.
  • Specific groups assigned the week before semester begins.

Obstetric Rotation

  • When: OB clinical days consist of 12 hours on Wednesday or Thursday (possibly some Fridays). See clinical rotation schedule on Blackboard for specific information and additional simulation clinical times.
  • Where: North Austin Medical Center, Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin
  • Specific groups assigned the week before semester begins.

Recommendations for Success

  • Open lab time is available the week before the semester. Plan time to practice.
  • Refer to the RNSG 1412 course site on Blackboard for updates.


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Upcoming Events

February 18, 2020
  • HESI Remediation Plans Due (Hard Copy)
    February 18, 2020

    See more details

  • OB: Fetal Assessment and Normal Postpartum (Czap)
    February 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

    See more details

  • Lunch
    February 18, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    See more details

  • EFM Lab (Czap) *no scrubs
    February 18, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

    No scrubs

    See more details

February 19, 2020
  • Clinical Rotation 1 (Refer to schedule from your clinical instructor)
    February 19, 2020 @ 6:30 am - 6:30 pm

    See more details

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