Orientation for SPRING 2021 Incoming Professional Nursing Students

Congratulations on your admission into a Professional Nursing program. In the near future, you will face many nursing challenges. Until then, you face the following to-do list. It is subject to change, and you should check back periodically to ensure you have the latest instructions.

All ACC Health Sciences programs use electronic documentation collection through the third party document management provider CastleBranch. All students must upload clinical requirements to their CastleBranch account. A copy of your Texas Board of Nursing clearance card or letter should have already been uploaded to the TBON Clearance Submission Form. If you have not completed this step, please do so immediately.

All other requirements including criminal background check and drug screen must be uploaded and/or ordered through your CastleBranch account by the deadlines indicated below. No exceptions. CastleBranch allows students to have lifetime access to their records and immunizations.

All of your documents in CastleBranch must be verified by the Nursing Department. Green checks showing in your CastleBranch account do not guarantee clearance.

Print this page and use it as a checklist as you proceed through the Orientation process.

Criminal Background Check #1 - Texas Board of Nursing (TXBON) CBC

This process should have been completed after submitting your application. You should have already received an email from Cindy Gerardo or Lela Walker with instructions and uploaded a copy of your TBON blue card/clearance letter to the TBON Clearance Submission Form as part of your application.

Criminal Background Check #2 - ACC Health Sciences CBC (HSCBC)

Order dates: OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 1

To order your Criminal Background Check:

  1. Go to castlebranch.com and click “Place Order.”
  2. In the “Package Code” field, enter one of the following codes. Be sure to use the program-specific code:
    • UL32bg – Use if you are Traditional Track and do not have previous employment
    • UL32emp – Use if you are Traditional Track and do have previous employment

The cost of the CBC is about $50. ACC Health Sciences CBC (HSCBC) must come back “Clear” before permission will be given to register.

Registration Instructions:  The Health Sciences Compliance Officer will notify the Nursing Department when students are clear via a list once a week. After your clearance has been confirmed, students will be petitioned to register. Once you have been petitioned, your Cohort Administrator will send you a clearance to register email via your student ACC Gmail account. A student checking their status via CastleBranch does not constitute clearance.  

The Health Sciences Compliance Officer will notify students directly if there are any issues with their HSCBC.

The deadline to upload all clinical requirements is DECEMBER 10, 2020.

CastleBranch Instructions

To upload program-specific clinical requirements to CastleBranch:

  1. Sign in to your CastleBranch account and “Place Order.”
  2. In the “Package Code” field, enter the following codes for requirements:

Traditional Track Codes

Phase 2: Clinical Requirements

Refer to CastleBranch Instructions above for package codes. The following clinical requirements must be completed and uploaded to your CastleBranch account by the deadline:

  1. Proof of Board of Nursing (BON) Eligibility – Please upload a copy of your BON blue card (front and back) or your BON eligibility letter.
  2. Level 1 HESI Case Studies Access & Assessment Payment Receipt – All students are required to pay a fee each semester through the ACC Professional Nursing Department Marketplace for their HESI Case Studies Access, practice exams, and Exit HESI fees per semester. A copy of your payment receipt must be uploaded to CastleBranch (all pages of receipt are required). The date of purchase will be verified on each receipt.  Incoming Traditional Track Students will need to select the HESI – Traditional Track Levels 1-4 link. Once you add this to your cart, choose Level 1 as your Program Level. For students with Workforce or Capital Idea vouchers, please upload a copy of your voucher for this requirement.

    The HESI fee must be paid every semester enrolled, regardless if you are a readmitted student and did not take the HESI exam in the previous semester. The HESI fee not only pays for the exam, it gives students continued access to the resources per semester. There are no exceptions or exemptions. All students enrolled must pay every semester.  Students with a voucher from Capital Idea or Workforce will upload a copy of their voucher for this requirement each semester.
  3. Nursing Student Information Form – Clinical (ADN-Traditional/Mobility/RN-BSN/LVN)
    • Complete the Google form. You will receive an email with your responses as confirmation. Please check your spam/junk file if the confirmation email is not located in your inbox.
    • Upload that email to CastleBranch in its entirety to meet completion of this requirement.
  4. Health Data Form/Physical Form and Tuberculosis Requirement – All incoming students must have a PHYSICAL and  (a) TWO-STEP TB SKIN TEST SERIES OR (b) a TB BLOOD ASSAY blood test prior to starting the program.
    • The Health Data Form/Physical Exam for Professional Nursing and the Initial Program Tuberculosis (TB) Test must be completed and signed by a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.
    • A TWO-STEP TB TEST SERIES requires that you have two separate TB tests completed 1 – 3 weeks apart from each other (requires four visits).
    • If your TB skin test comes back positive, we will not accept a chest x-ray without you having a (Positive +) TB Blood Assay done first. Only if your TB Blood Assay test results come back positive (+) will you need to have a chest x-ray. Submit proof of your Positive TB Blood Assay along with a copy of your normal chest x-ray report as well as the Disease Screening Questionnaire.
  5. Tuberculosis – See Health Data Form/Physical & TB Requirement above.
  6. Health Insurance – Proof of health insurance for all health sciences students, consistent with the requirements of our clinical education partners, is required to be uploaded each semester by the posted deadline. With the increasing risks of providing patient care, it is necessary for you to be protected. This coverage is in addition to the accident insurance provided by the College. Proof of insurance must be uploaded each semester.
    • Students must keep the policy current and notify the program if changes occur. Failure to do so will result in removal from the clinical site and withdrawal from the program because students will not be able to meet their learning objectives.
    • Upload a copy (front and back) of your health insurance to your CastleBranch account. Coverage must cover the entire semester. If your insurance card does not show your name, you must also submit a copy of verification of eligibility from the insurance carrier showing you are covered under that policy.
    • Click here to visit the ACC Health Sciences Health Insurance Information page.
  7. American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Certification – You must be certified by the American Heart Association [AHA] Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers only. No other CPR certification will be accepted.
    • If your CPR card expires before May 16, 2021, you must get re-certified (re-do your CPR) prior to your paperwork submission deadline.
    • Please refer to the Student Resources page for a list of approved sites for certification.
  8. HIPAA Certification – Complete the HIPAA training module, upload the confirmation email AND all 3 pages of the completed ACC HIPAA Confidentiality & Security Agreement form (step 3 HIPAA requirement).
  9. Drug Screening Policy Student Signature Form – Refer to Step 3: Drug Screen below. Upload completed form found in your “Phase 2 To-Do List” in CastleBranch.
  10. St. David’s HealthCare Requirements:
  11. Ascension Seton Requirements:
  12. Student Handbook signature page – Read the Professional Nursing Student Handbook for SPRING 2021, complete the signature page at the end of handbook, and upload document.

Phase 3: FERPA Release

Refer to CastleBranch Instructions above for package code. Please complete the Student Reference Request, FERPA Release, and Release of Liability form that is available to download here. Check each statement as appropriate, sign, and date at the bottom. Submit the completed form to CastleBranch.

Phase 4: Flu Vaccination Documentation

All students are required to submit proof of 2020-2021 flu vaccination on an approved 2020-2021 Flu Shot Consent Form OR the required DECLINATION WAIVERS. Forms and additional information may be found on the Flu Shot Information webpage.

Traditional Track Flu Vaccine Code:  UL32im4

Final Submission Instructions

Once students have completed all requirements due by December 10, 2020 a Clinical Clearance ticket will be emailed to students’ ACC Gmail accounts upon verification of completed requirements. You must submit this ticket to your instructors the first week of school in order to be eligible to attend mandatory labs, simulation and clinical. Upload all Phase 2, 3 and 4 documents to CastleBranch. For detailed instructions, see the Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 requirements listed above.

You will NOT be emailed a clinical clearance ticket until ALL of your documents in CastleBranch have been approved and verified by the Nursing Department.

Green checks showing in your CastleBranch account do not guarantee clearance.

All drug screens must be ordered in CastleBranch and urine specimens submitted within the following timeframe:  SPRING Admissions JANUARY 1st – 7th ONLY.

You may pay for your drug screen now, but DO NOT schedule or complete your specimen collection outside of the timeframe listed above.

To order your drug screen:

  • Go to castlebranch.com and click “Place Order.”
  • In the “Package Code” field, enter UL32dt
  • The cost of the Drug Screen is $27.00.
  • Drug Screening Policy Student Signature Form – download the form from your Phase 2 To-Do List in CastleBranch, complete and upload with your Phase 2 requirements. The form will not be made available until you have paid for your drug screen. You may pay for and register for your drug screen now, but do not complete your drug screen outside of the timeframe listed above.

Drug Screens drawn prior to the posted time frame will be invalid and will be required to be redone at the cost of the student.

Use the following chart to determine when and where to show up for orientation. For onsite orientations please bring a sack lunch.  For onsite and online orientations have an electronic device or paper and pen ready so you can take notes. You are not required to wear your uniforms to orientation. Please contact your instructors directly for scheduling issues.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19,  dates and times are subject to change.  Students will be notified via their ACC Gmail of any changes.

Location Date Time Venue Addtl. Information
CEC Jan. 14, 2021 8:30 am – 3:30 pm TBA Instructions will be sent to students’ ACC Gmail accounts.
EVC Jan. 14, 2021 8:00 am – 4:00 pm ONLINE Blackboard Collaborate-instructions to be emailed to students.
RRC Jan. 14, 2021 8:30 am – 4:00 pm ONLINE Instructions will be sent to students’ ACC Gmail accounts.

All Nursing students are required to comply with set uniform and instruction materials for both classroom, clinical and lab. Students will be required to purchase the following.

Lab Kit Information - ORDER BY DECEMBER 14, 2020

Traditional Track

The deadline for ordering your SPRING 2021 lab kits is DECEMBER 14, 2020. After this date, any kit ordered will be charged an additional $30 late fee and shipping delay service fee. Lab kits will be shipped to your assigned campus. You will receive your lab kit in the nursing skills lab on your first assigned class date or as instructed by your Cohort Administrator. Be sure to order the correct lab kit using the correct school code for your assigned cohort.  The school codes are listed on each Lab Kit Order Guide linked below.

IMPORTANT:  If you change cohorts after ordering your lab kit, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the vendor directly to update their purchase.

Click here to order your lab kit. Follow the instructions linked below:


Deadline: Order your uniforms early due to a supply shortage

You may order your uniform from Total Uniforms:

For more information about the uniforms, see the Dress Code section in the Professional Nursing Student Handbook. Contact Total Uniforms for the estimated cost for two sets of scrubs and 2 school patches. A deposit is preferred at the time the order is placed.  Contact Total Uniforms for the amount required.

Teal scrubs may be purchased by other vendors.  As long as the color matches the ACC teal color, they are acceptable.  You will need to purchase your patches from Total Uniforms and sew them on the left sleeve of two of your scrubs yourself or by a seamstress of your choice.

You will be given an opportunity to buy gently used scrubs at orientation from the ADNSA. We cannot guarantee that your size will be available. In addition to your uniform, please purchase the following uniform accessories at any uniform or medical supply store:

  • watch with a second hand
  • stethoscope
  • pen light
  • bandage scissors
  • ball point pen (black ink only)

You may purchase the above equipment from any source, but if you wish to help support the ADNSA, feel free to make purchases from MDF Stethoscope Package Deal for ACC ADN Students.

Textbook Information

Refer to the ACC Bookstore for textbooks and resources.

Students enrolled in a Nursing program should not rent their textbooks. Your Nursing textbooks will be used throughout the program, and it will be much cheaper in the long run to purchase your books. Refer to the Textbook List for package options. The packages are “built” specifically for our Nursing program; you will not be able to find a match searching by ISBN number. We do not recommend that students purchase the textbooks separately for this reason. There could be items included in the built packages that are not easily obtained individually. If you do decide to purchase your books outside of the packages offered through ACC’s bookstore, you will run the risk of not having all your required materials for class.

Required EHR Tutor Software - DEADLINE JANUARY 15, 2021

Deadline: JANUARY 15, 2021

Required EHR Tutor Software: Students must also purchase access to the EHR Tutor Software for Electronic Medical Records training. The access code should be purchased through the ACC Bookstore. Click here to see the EHR Tutor Online Activation Instructions.

Students are required to renew this software subscription again for Level 3.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to renew your subscription BEFORE it expires.  If you wait until after your subscription has expired you will need to repurchase the EHR Tutor Software at a higher price through the ACC Bookstore.

You are invited and encouraged to join the ADNSA (Student Nurse Association) for a onetime fee of $15. The ADNSA will be at orientation selling memberships, used scrubs, clipboards, t-shirts, and other great items! More information can be found on this page.

First and Second semester CEC students are required to park by the Erwin Center and walk across the street to CEC along with use of the HCG garage located on 15th and Red River. You will have information emailed to you about parking and forms that are needed for CEC students only. You need to print, fill out, and email all CEC-related forms to your CEC Administrator as requested. The CEC forms that will be emailed to you separately will not be uploaded to CastleBranch.

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