Post Test

Information Session Post Test

Question 1

The graduate of the veterinary technology program must pass which exam?

Question 2

The veterinary technology program is located at which ACC campus?

Question 3

The agency that accredits veterinary technology programs is the:

Question 4

The most common place for veterinary technicians to be employed is:

Question 5

Which of the following would a veterinary technician not be required to do?

Question 6

The median annual salary of a veterinary technician across the country is approximately:

Question 7

The applicant for the Veterinary Technician program must have all vaccines required by any ACC student plus what other vaccine?

Question 8

The primary role of the veterinary technician is to:

Question 9

As a veterinary technician, you are required to work with:

Question 10

Which of the following would NOT be acceptable to submit with your application for documented work experience: