About the Honors Program

The Honors Program Office is located at the Cypress Campus, Room 2204.7.  Our phone number is 512.223.2171.

New English 1302 Course for Spring 2018

Witches are not figments of the imagination.  They live in the real world.  A man paints a staircase to heaven, the town is there to see it, and when the man is gone, they go home.  The magical is observed, and confirmed.  It is real.  Colonel Sanders appears as a rooster.  He is an intelligent, speaking mentor to the young protagonist, who develops a real relationship with Colonel Sanders.  Past, present and future simultaneously exist: the dead relax at cafés, converse with the living, and with those who have died but do not yet realize it. The magical is real.

These stories are not just fun and entertaining.  The magical is real and, conversely, the real is incomprehensible: good and evil, the human psyche, government corruption, wide-scale persecution. Magical Realism takes readers into the realities of other worlds (cultures).  Magical Realism asks us to examine our own sense of reality and the magical, put our understanding alongside the magical realities of others, and see how the two may intersect or, perhaps, even merge with our own.


The Austin Community College Honors Program is designed to develop the abilities and potential of highly motivated students as they begin their academic studies and prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Recognized as high achievers by educational institutions, students who complete the ACC Honors Program and meet all major transfer requirements will have priority consideration for admission to specific four-year institutions.

Honors Program classes are taught by faculty interested in promoting scholastic excellence and enriching students’ academic experience with special projects, readings, and a wide variety of class activities.

Bob Livingstion Playing guitarThe program provides a unique, seminar environment, featuring close interaction with exceptional faculty and other highly motivated honors students. Guest speakers, cultural events, and field trips enhance the challenging and creative learning experience.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors Program is to provide outstanding ACC students with enhanced learning experiences that equip them to excel in their chosen fields of study and to improve life in their communities.

The Honors Program will:

  • Distribute information about honors requirement, benefits, awards, and program graduates to prospective honors students and other interested parties through direct communication, college publications, and the news media
  • Administer students to the Honors Program, maintain records concerning their continued progress toward graduating from the Honors Program, and certify their completion of the Honors Program requirements to the office of the Registrar
  • Administer the development, scheduling, and budgeting of honors courses
  • Provide special academic Honors Program advising through the Honors Program office staff and select facultyKinky Friedman addresses an honors class
  • Promote honors students’ involvement in research, independent inquiry, or creative expression that culminates in a “Capstone” and/or Community Service project, and the public presentation of this work
  • Facilitate communication within the ACC community among students, faculty, staff, and administrators with regards to honors matters
  • Arrange special programs and events for honors participants and the larger college community
  • Equip and maintain the Honors Program office
  • Participate in the activities of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council
  • Encourage faculty experimentation with various topics and teaching strategies that faculty might not otherwise be able to employ in other ACC classes


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