The Honors Program offers core curriculum courses in small seminar-like classes that feature in-depth class discussion, projects, research, presentations, and other activities designed to promote scholastic excellence. Classes frequently are focused to allow students to explore areas of interest within that focus.

Honors classes also enhance transferability and prepare students for upper division classes at the university level.

Upon completion of an Honors course, ACC transcripts will reflect Honors status.

Main Features

  • Enhanced University Admission
  • Small Class Sizes (10-15 Students)
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Enhanced Resume
  • Specialized Course Topics

Honors Program Articulation Agreements

ACC’s Honors Program has an articulation agreement with Texas State University-San Marcos that will accept transfer credits towards graduating in the University Honors program at Texas State (up to half of the required courses). Students should fill out the application form so that the honors staff can set up an appointment to approve transfer credits and advise transfer students. Additional questions may be directed to

ACC’s Honors Program has an articulation agreement with Angelo State University that allows ACC’s Honors Program students automatic acceptance into ASU’s Honors Program upon their acceptance to ASU. Contact Dr. Nick Flynn at for further information. Angelo State University has recently aligned with the Texas Tech University system and we are excited about the additional opportunities this will provide our students who join the Angelo State University Honors Program after transferring from ACC.

ACC Honors students who have a GPA of 3.4 on 24 credit hours are guaranteed admission to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, through an articulation agreement between Austin Community College and Southwestern University. More information.

St. Edward’s University’s Honors Program

 Admission Policy to the Honors Program at St. Edward’s University for Students with an Associate Degree Transferring from an Honors Program at a Two-Year School

 Policy Statement

 Transfer students with an associate degree who have a GPA of 3.5 with 12 credit hours in honors coursework are guaranteed admission to the Honors Program at St. Edward’s University pending admission to the university.

Transfer Student Curriculum in Honors Program

Students entering the Honors Program at St. Edward’s University as first-year students are required to fulfill 24 credit hours of honors coursework. Transfer students entering the program with an associate degree are required to fulfill 13 credit hours of honors coursework. Transfer students will take the following courses:

  • Team-Taught Course (3 credit hours satisfying outstanding general education requirement – g., CULF 3330 or 3331 equivalency)
  •  Curiosity Seminar (1 credit hour)
  • Contracted Course in the Major (3 credit hours fulfilled through a course required in the major)
  • Thesis Preparation/Research (3 credit hours)
  • Senior Thesis (3 credit hours – honors students are exempted from CAPS 4360)

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