Honors Program: Questions & Answers

How do I become a participant in the Honors Program?

Fill out an application, which can be downloaded from our website or obtained from the Honors Program Office – (512) 223-2171

How do I register for an Honors class?

Because of the restricted nature of Honors courses, registration is a two step process. First, contact the Honors Program with by phone (512-223-2171) or by e-mail (honors@austincc.edu) and let us know for which course you would like to be cleared. This may be done any time after course schedules have been released. The second step is the regular registration process. Once you have been “cleared,” the registration system will let you continue as if it were a normal course.

Why must I be “Cleared” before I may register?

Because enrollment for Honors courses is restricted, students must be “cleared” before they may register for these courses to verify their membership in the Honors Program.

Is it necessary to obtain the individual instructor’s permission in order to register for a course?

No. You simply follow the two step registration procedure outlined above.

What are the criteria to enter the Honors Program?

To be in the Honors Program at Austin Community College, you must have filled out an application for us (available on our website, via fax, or at our office), and ONE of the following criteria must be met:

  • Top 10% of high school graduating class
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • ACT score of 26 or higher
  • SAT score of 1170 or higher
  • *Cumulative college GPA of 3.25 or higher

*Student must have completed nine (9) hours of college coursework.

What can I expect in a typical Honors course?

You can expect an engaging and intellectually challenging class in an intimate setting, taught by outstanding faculty who emphasize active learning through the use of in-depth class discussion, projects, research, presentations, or other activities designed to promote scholastic excellence.

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