Professor Heidi Juel’s Introduction to Literature: “Native American Literature”

“I learned a great deal about the TRUE history of America. I got to see and read about things that I was ignorant about. Great learning experience!”

“I wouldn’t have signed up for this if Texas Lit Honors hadn’t been full but I’m so glad I did! I recommend it to everyone and was very pleasantly surprised.”

“I loved the readings! I probably wouldn’t have found them on my own and they’re not the typical lit class required readings.”

“Loved it! Felt like a true college course, sent my mind deeper, created another level of thinking, opened up a new window to the world-a new portion of our history.”

“This was the best class I have had the opportunity to take at ACC. I loved the variety, interaction, and all the knowledge and experience the professor brought to the table. I especially appreciate that everything we looked at was created by Native Americans. Life changed!”

“I would give it a 10. I really learned a lot of great information.”

Advice for future students who take this class:

“Sit back, relax, and enjoy the class. It is a great learning experience.”

“Follow the syllabus, and you’ll be fine. Always read before the discussion. It really is your loss if you don’t. Oh, and make marks in your books–take notes. It helps when contributing in class and preparing for in-class assignments.”

“Read, Read, Read, and don’t be scared to relate their story to your own.”

“Work on your research paper as soon as possible. Do Not leave it to the last 2 weeks!”

“Have fun learning about another part of life and people.”

Professor Anna Pyeatt’s Spanish II

I just want to personally thank you for being such an amazing teacher and all-around wonderful, inspiring person to be around. I enjoyed your class so much and appreciate the challenges you placed before me and made me work my very hardest to reach my full potential. I really feel like I truly earned my A! You reminded me how much I truly love learning the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. I have no doubt your gift of teaching will stick with me for years to come! (anonymous)

Professor Doug Dawson’s Composition I:”Rebels and Revolution”

I had an amazing learning experience in this class, beyond any I have taken at this school. This course opened my eyes to so much information that I was absolutely clueless about. This is our country, our nation, our home; and our generation knows nothing about the truly inspirational determination our fathers had to make a better life for all of us. My motivation to make a difference and to do something greater in this world, I feel, was strongly influenced by this course. If something as great as the American Revolution could happen once, it can happen many more times. We can change the world. We can open the eyes to others and motivate the masses through literature, songs, art, and hope. – Thyia Marshall

Doug Dawson is an excellent professor. He has so much passion for sharing the true American struggle through literature. He teaches the important parts of Composition I without making it boring. Doug has so much dedication to his students that he has worked out interesting material to allow him to better connect with them. The course materials may not have been published yesterday, but that is the beauty of the material; it’s relevant and timeless. For as long as time has been recorded, societies have been going through revolutions, and this collection of material encompasses the American tradition in a fresh and captivating way. – Emily Lim

I am a “older-than-average” student returning to college for a second career, and chose to enroll in Doug Dawson’s “Rhetoric of Revolution” English composition class. Why? Well, I was looking for a more challenging course than your standard ACC comp classes, and the subject matter appealed to me. I am a UT-Austin graduate, and I will say straight up Doug’s class rivaled some of my favorite UT courses in keeping both my intellect and interest engaged. Attend the classes, read the materials, and be prepared to learn a great deal along the way as you talk and write about Revolutionary history. I would take this class again in a second, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the American Revolution and the literature of the time. – Will Grover

English composition can be a tedious course. It is, after all, your basic freshman “how to write” course, generally heavy on work but skimpy on subject matter or anything to hold the student’s interest. Not so with Professor Dawson’s ‘Rhetoric of Revolution.’ The basics of college writing are expounded through the engaging narrative of the American Revolution, with focus on the writing and rhetorical techniques of the nation’s founding fathers and the historical context. To this curriculum Dawson brings his passionate interest in the time period, drawing the student in to the ecstatic thrill of the new, the dread and uncertainty, and steady resolve of these statesmen and authors writing the spirit of their era. And, maybe I’m a dork, but it was fun trying to write in the style of the 18th century (not required). – Aaron Lawhon

Professor Joe Hoppe’s World Literature:”Tales of Epic Heroism”

“This class has inspired me to define myself and my values.”

“This class teaches true self-enrichment, which is why I think it may be the most important class for a business major.”

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