New login interface with Workshops and Event Registration App

Have you noticed that when you log in to Workshops and Event Registration App a *NEW* login screen appears? (Sneak Peek Screenshot below)

screenshot for new login method

View new interface login for Workshops and Event Reg App (IT App Dev) (HR Staff PD)

New interface for SSO login after Workshops & Event Reg App

New single sign on (SSO) authentication after signing into Workshops & Event Reg APP

Although the interface looks different, rest assured there is nothing further required to authenticate your login on multiple ACC eSystems using your ACCeID login credentials.

For Example: Login in to Workshops and Event Registration App. Then Log in to Leave Request now proceed to log in to Transportation. Viola! It is not necessary to continue logging in to multiple systems, once you have logged in.

As the Office of IT continues to upgrade login procedures, please be aware that they have assured if at all, minimal disruption.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us directly at

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