Criminal Background Checks

The Human Services Department at ACC does not conduct criminal background checks on students.  However, most agencies in which are students volunteer or complete their internships do require criminal background checks.

If you have a criminal history, please discuss this with a faculty member in our department so that we may properly advise you as to any limitations this may cause in placements.  Some past criminal convictions may impact the ability to be placed in fieldwork, internship, or employment.


Internship applications deadlines:  Summer – March 1.  Fall – April 1.   Check with Dr. Coccia or Dr. Shuler to see if you are ready for internship.

Ready to graduate?  Don’t miss the deadline of March 29 for May graduation.  Even if you do not plan to attend graduation, you must actually “graduate” from ACC.

Looking for a scholarship?  ACC has many scholarships available for students – check out  Deadline is April 1.

Need volunteer hours?

A great way to complete volunteer requirements is through Student Life Common Service Experience. Student Life has compiled a list of agencies that need volunteers. They have an events calendar as well as a registration page on their site. Go to for more information.