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  • Welcome to the website of Jimmy D. Clark, Instructional Design Specialist at the Cypress Creek campus, Austin Community College.

    Summary Letter for FY 2016 (Click here:  to view document)


    Goals for FY 2016:

    1. Continue to provide leadership as process holder for Digital Audio and Student Response Systems through research, meetings, and sharing information with co-workers

    2. Keep my four Google Groups (MOOCs, Create Your Digital World, Digital Audio for Educators, EdTech Hot Technologies) updated

    3. Help faculty members move their websites from current web server to Google Sites

    4. Research alternatives to SoftChalk sites for faculty learning projects. Lead a group to research the alternatives and provide a report of the findings.

  • Professional Development Goals:1. Learn more about Google Sites and WordPress websites

    2. Take all courses at Lynda.com that will help me do my job better

    3. Attend all workshops and webinars that will help me do my job better

    4. Attend South by Southwest Educational Conference in 2016.


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