The region lacks wet lab space and skilled workforce for its growing biotech industry.

ABI has a solution

ABI is the ACC Bioscience Incubator and it bridges the gaps in the “research to product” cycle, creating an innovative work environment for life science entrepreneurs.

Why use ABI?

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Leasable Wet Lab Space

Central management of shared equipment & facilities reduces infrastructure costs

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Startup Business Development

Entrepreneurs enjoy an IP-free zone with access to business consultants, workshops, investors, and industry partners

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Workforce Education

Student internships and faculty collaborations develop a highly-skilled workforce

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Private-Public Partnership

Supports new technology and innovation to accelerate the growth of the Central Texas economy

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Qualified staff provide critical expertise and operational support

Collaborative Space

Creates a supportive community that enables creative collaboration and life science innovation

ABI in the Media

An Interview at TEDX

Listen to this radio interview from KMUZ’s Willamette Wake Up between Dave Duncan and Matthew Belzer, ACC Biology Professor.

Length: 10:22

Impromptu Interview with Matthew Belzer

by KMUZ | Sometimes the most interesting people at a TEDX event aren’t always the presenters. Sometimes its the person who sits next to you at lunch. That was the case when Dave Duncan started talking with Matthew Belzer from Austin TX.

Unveiling ACC’s State of the Art Bioscience Incubator

Watch this video to learn how the Austin Community College Bioscience Incubator benefits Biotech students, startups, and the local economy.

Length: 03:06

An Interview with KUT’s Texas Standard

Listen to this radio interview between Texas Standard’s David Brown and Dr. Tyler Drake, Director of ACC’s Bioscience Incubator.

Length: 05:41

A Bio-Science Lab At A Community College? It’s Happening In Austin

by KUT's Texas Standard | Entrepreneurs looking to develop new drugs, or other life-science products can lease space at this Austin Community College wet lab.


Our goal in Central Texas is to integrate medical education, healthcare, innovation, and research for the 21st century.

Kirk Watson

Texas State Senator

Right now, many biotech startups are forced to turn elsewhere because Austin doesn’t have the facilities they need. Research has shown that if we meet those needs, we can bring more than 1,000 new jobs to the area and make an economic impact of up to $110 million a year.

Thomas R. Kowalski

President & CEO, Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute

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