ALERT: New W-2 phishing email

Several ACC employees have received an email with instructions on claiming your electronic W-2 that leads to an offsite link. The link has been constructed in such a way as to look like ACC’s legitimate page for claiming your W-2. The link provided in the phishing email looks something like: http://[xxx]

Please do not follow this link or enter your EID or password on any page that does not show in the address bar. Doing so will result in your ACCeID and password being stolen and possibly being used to compromise our systems.

IT is working to block access to this site and report it. If you have clicked on this link and entered your information, please change your password immediately. (You can do that here: Please call tech support 512-223-8324 if you need assistance.

If you need to claim your electronic W-2 you can do so from the Online Services link from the ACC homepage.

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