Is your email password safe?

Many of you may have seen recent news stories that over 270 million email accounts, including Google accounts, have been hacked. I want to assure everyone that the ACC email accounts administered by Google haven’t been compromised.

Hackers who have broken into these accounts were able to do so because people recycle their passwords across multiple services. Many people use their primary email address as a login to their bank, shopping sites, news sites, et cetera. This isn’t a problem, and many sites require it. What is a problem is if you use the same password for each of those services. If just one of those sites is broken into, hackers now have a username and password that lets them into multiple sites.

Passwords are hard to remember. I always recommend the use of a good password manager if you have several you have to keep up with. Products like 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane can securely store and retrieve passwords for you. In any case, please try not to use the same password across multiple services.

Thanks for your help in keeping ACC’s information systems secure!

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