New Phishing Email

Many of you may have received an email from an ACC employee with what looks like a link to a Dropbox file. This is not a legitimate message. Please do not click on the link. We are still in the process of investigating how these email accounts were compromised.

If you are sent an attachment from another ACC employee that you are not expecting, please be very cautious. If you click on that attachment and you are asked to provide any personally identifying information (email, password, phone number, etc.) it is almost certainly an attempt to steal your account. It’s always a good idea to confirm that someone sent you an attachment via telephone. In some recent attacks, phishers have been hijacking the email and chat windows of employees and pretending to be that person.

If you receive a message like this and you have either responded, or just want to make IT aware, please contact technical support at 512-223-TECH (223-8324), or send an email to

If you have provided your password to any site that you believe is suspicious you should change it immediately.

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